An immersive and interactive Star Wars experience in virtual reality is coming in the form of Trials on Tatooine.

The project, which is a product of Lucasfilm’s ILMxLab, will provide a new level of immersion into the Star Wars universe that was previously incapable of being achieved prior to VR technology.

“Immersive storytelling is primarily about telling a story that can only be told in an immersive way,” said Lucasfilm’s CTO, Rob Bredow in an interview. “That’s the kind of exploration we’re doing right now with Trials on Tatooine. Making you a first-person [participant], giving you a presence and a role in the story. Can we still tell a story around you, and is that satisfying?”

In related news, another incredible Star Wars VR experience was also announced yesterday as Star Wars Battlefront for PSVR.

“This will be a Star Wars Battlefront gaming experience like nothing else, where players can transport themselves to a galaxy far, far away,” president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, said on stage at GDC.

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