While the series isn’t what it once was in the 90’s, Turok still hold a place in many players hearts. What better way to relive the those great moments than playing the original games themselves. Soon Xbox One owners will get their chance.

Night Dive Studios released their remastered version of the original Turok back in December for PC. A post of Twitter from the developer has confirmed that both Turok and Turok 2: Seed of Evil would be brought over to the Xbox One. When followed up with a question about PS4 they responded, “We’re evaluating other platforms but can’t confirm at this time.” Hopefully PlayStation fans will get their chance, but for now they’ll have to cling to their Xbox owning friends if they want a chance at the Dinosaur Hunter.

No word yet on when these titles will be released. Check back in with Gamespresso as we get more information.

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