The fun doesn’t end over at the old Hearthstone tavern as a new patron sets up camp. A mysterious troll tells a small tale of an awakened evil in the form of Old Gods, whispering madness and fear within the minds of the entire world. Stirred from the sleep, the ‘Old Gods’-inspired theme will be the basis for the next major Hearthstone expansion. With more potent cards, legendaries, card backs and many visual changes, the expansion will be bringing some more variety to the already massive world of Hearthstone.

The currently announced cards were shown on the Hearthstone blog post. For quick reference, there are:

The Whispers of the Old Gods will be available for PC and iOS around late April to early May. The price for the card packs will remain the same as previous expansions. You can pre-purchase a pack of 50 card boosters for this expansion for $49.99 USD.

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