The latest Alpha build for World of Warcraft: Legion has introduced a level 110 PvP server.

For those interested in the level 110 server, here is what you need to know (via Blizzard)

The new realm has Level 110 Character Templates: Fully upgraded artifacts and ilvl 810 PvP Gear. There is no access to Legion outdoor zones except for Dalarn, but you will have full access to the new Honor System featured for Level 110. This includes PvP talents and prestiging.

You’ll be able to earn honor, increase your honor level, and unlock PvP talents. As of right now, no PvP gear will be rewarded. Battlegrounds are all available to queue up for, with the exception of Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest. At this moment in time, Ashran, Rated Battlegrounds, Skirmishes, War Games, and Arena are all unavailable.

Along with the PvP server, the Feral Druid specialization has been unlocked. Blizzard is asking for all feedback regarding it.

As with most expansions, Legion will be redesigning the different classes and specializations. Retribution Paladins and Subtlety Rogues have seen the most changes in the recent build.

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