Baldur’s gate originally released back in 1998, creating an 18 year gap between it and the latest expansion update.

Now while that technically is true, the enhanced edition of Baldur’s Gate launched back in 2013, re-releasing the game on Steam for $20.

If you happen to own the enhanced edition, you can treat yourself to a 30 hour expansion for another $20. Baldur’s Gate wasn’t kidding around when the expansion released on April 1st, and I doubt any other fans can say they waited 18 years to more content.

The 30 hour campaign follows the untold story between Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II, shedding some light on previously untold lore.

Along with the new release of content, a free update to the Enhanced Edtion will be launching in the 2.0 patch. New locations, monsters, and a whole new shaman class is headed towards the gate.

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