Battlezone 98 Redux, the remaster of the PC classic from the 90’s, released on Steam today. It will run players $19.99.

The developers of the original Battlezone are behind the remaster. The original was a real-time strategy/first-person shooter hybrid. Rebellion, Battlezone’s publisher, acquired the rights to the franchise in 2013. In addition to announcing the game’s launch, Rebellion also said that it has more titles coming under the “redux” branding, but did not give any more information.

Rebellion is a U.K.-based studio that is well known for its Sniper Elite franchise. The newest game in the franchise is Sniper Elite 4, which is coming out sometime later this year for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Battlezone 98 Redux is the first third-party developed game that Rebellion has published so far. The original PC version of the title received a sequel in 1999, and also received a Nintendo 64 port on 2000. The game received its name from Atari’s arcade title from the 1980’s.

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