It may be hard to believe, but E3 2016 is not that far away. Soon the biggest event in the video game industry will be upon us and we’ll have all new set of news, trailers, and more from our favorite developers. Bethesda, however, likes to do things a bit different.

Instead of a set press conference during E3, Bethesda holds their own showcase the day before festivities begin. Now you can get a chance to attend the event yourself by registering on the official site. If you’re in the Los Angeles area or plan to be around Sunday June 12th, this is just the spot for you. The event contains more than just a press conference as well. Guests this year will be able to try out special demos, view exclusive interviews, and then see a performance by a “top-secret” band.

It all starts with your registration, which is only open until May 1st. If you cannot attend the event yourself, you can view it on Bethesda’s own Twitch channel. We are looking to this event and we hope you are too.

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