Normally characters don’t appear as a guest star in other games before they appear in their own game first, but that’s not the case with Overwatch‘s Tracer. As an interesting preview, Blizzard Entertainment will include Tracer in Heroes of the Storm as early as April 19th.

Now, Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA and Overwatch will be a first-person shooter so there will be some differences between her in both games, but that didn’t stop the developer from showing off what kind of character Tracer will be as Blizzard released a Hero Spotlight video which can be seen above.

Tracer is an “extremely mobile ranged assassin” and can teleport short distances by using her time-warping “blink” ability. She has standard attacks with dual wield pistols and melee, but both of those attacks charge her only heroic, the pulse bomb. Tracer’s”blink” ability shows off her mobility in the game and her “recall” ability brings her back to a previous position while removing almost all negative buffs.

Players who pre-order the Overwatch: Origins Edition will be able to use Tracer starting April 19th, or for those who want to play as the character without pre-ordering the game will be able to purchase Tracer at the Nexus starting April 26th.

Overwatch launches May 24, 2016 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Those who pre-order the game will have early access to the beta from May 3-5th. All others will be able to play the Overwatch beta from May 5-9th.

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