Adding an exclusive questline, sparrow, unique armor, and a brand new exotic sniper rifle, Destiny’s April Update is hitting PlayStation platforms in style.

Announcing all the details on the PlayStation Blog, Bungie is offering plenty for gamers to get excited about. First off is an exclusive questline called Essence of Darkness. Seemingly centered on the Court of Oryx, an accompanying quote from Petra Venj reads, “New activity at the Court does not bode well for the Reef. Show them the true force of a Guardian.” As a reward for completing the questline, players will receive the new sparrow skin, which can be seen below.

Unlocked though sublime engrams, players will also be able to obtain new legendary armor for each class.

All that said however, the real highlight of the lot is a new solar exotic sniper rifle called the Zen Meteor. Available though the same means as the rest of the Year-Two exotics, the Zen Meteor comes with the Dynamite Perk. Not only are its rounds explosive, if you manage to get kills with each round in a clip, an extra, higher damage round is added for 5 seconds. If that wasn’t enough, the whole gun also lights on fire. The final perk, With a Laser Beam, then makes that extra round turn into a massive explosion.

Destiny’s April Update lands April 12, adding a sold helping of free content to the game, including new endgame content, new armor and weapon customization options, and an increase to the max level. Looking even further to the future, we also recently ran through everything we’d love to see in Destiny 2.

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