It’s going to be a big year for Bungie, with the studio celebrating two separate anniversaries. Destiny will be live for 2 years come September, and Bungie itself was founded 20 years ago.

Bungie has managed to capture the hearts of gamers, specifically those native to the Xbox, through Halo and Destiny. It’s companies like Bungie that have helped to create the modern gaming industry, and will (hopefully) continue to pave the way through future games.

With all that in mind, Bungie has taken quite the initiative in celebrating. A live stream on Twitch had details coming in for the latest Destiny update, via Community Manager David “Deej” Dague. The information shared will be put into place in April’s update.

You can read all of the changes coming to Crucible modes down below.


  • Players must be closer than before to revive a downed teammate
  • The time it takes to revive has been slightly increased, making it so players can no longer sprint-revive (even while wearing revive-time-decreasing items)
  • The overshield granted upon revive is less powerful
  • A stacking penalty will make it longer before players can be revived in a match after each death

Ammo Economy:

  • Once again, all players will start with special ammo
  • To balance this, special ammo crates won’t spawn until three minutes into the game, and then two minutes after that


  • The legendary item drop rate has been increased
  • Loot from Shaxx’s weekly bounty can drop at Light Level 335

Auto Rifles:

  • Auto Rifles with a high rate of fire will receive a slight base damage nerf
  • Auto Rifles with a low rate of fire will receive a slight base damage buff

Pulse Rifles:

  • Pulse Rifles with a low rate of fire will receive a slight base damage buff

Hand Cannons:

  • The amount of ammo players can carry will be increased to prevent players from running out of ammo while on a streak

Fusion Rifles:

  • Stability has been increased, resulting in tighter bursts

Sniper Rifles:

  • Zoom has been “pushed out” to discourage using Sniper Rifles at close to mid range
  • An additional two frames of animation have been added when zooming
  • The Snapshot perk now only decreases zoom time by 20% instead of 30%
  • Stability has been decreased

MIDA Multi-Tool:

  • The intrinsic High Caliber Rounds perk has been removed

SUROS Regime (Year Two):

  • In addition to the buff in damage for a slow rate of fire Auto Rifle, Regime will receive a delay to it’s “Spinning Up” node
  • Focus fire now boosts range


  • Increase to range and accuracy

The Last Word:

  • Lower damage granted by The Last Word perk


  • Still only “Year One”
  • Minimized DOT damage
  • Now only does four ticks of damage instead of six
  • Lowered visual effect displayed when shot by Thorn


  • Still only “Year One”
  • Ammo glitch fixed
  • Stability lowered
  • Zoom distance increased

Dreg’s Promise:

  • Now has better tracking


  • Projectiles can now attach to Wards of Dawn or friendly targets, but won’t damage them

1000-Yard Stare:

  • Ammo inventory reduced

Quillim’s Terminus:

  • Ammo inventory reduced

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