In a post on the PlayStation blog, Capybara Games announced that they will be bringing their take of Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve series to the PlayStation 4 with a new game entitled Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked.

“Looking for a fresh take on their beloved survival game, Klei asked Capy if we’d be interested in creating a new expansion,” Cabybara Games’ Lead Writer and Designer Dan Vader wrote. “They gave us no guidelines or rules for what we could do with a Don’t Starve game — just a blank canvas in the form of their amazing video game with a wickedly-committed community of diehard fans.”

Vader continued, “After jumping into the Don’t Starve deep end and throwing around ideas for where to take it, what stuck was the idea of transplanting the Don’t Starve characters and mechanics to a whole new, built-from-scratch world: one of sun-scorched desert islands featuring brand new biomes, creatures, bosses, weapons, and ways to avoid starvation.”

The game features new locales, the ability to craft different boats, new creatures, new bosses, new weapons, and new ways to avoid starvation.

Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked launches this spring on PlayStation 4.

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