After last month’s reveal that Microsoft would be closing Lionhead Studios, the studio behind Fable Legends, it has been revealed that the servers for the game have officially been taken offline.

The servers were still up for Fable Legends’ beta test that was taking place on Xbox One and Windows 10, but are now taken down and refunds are going out to customers who had any remaining unused in-game funds.

“All of us here at Lionhead Studios would like to thank you for participating in the closed beta and being a part of the game’s development,” Lionhead said in a statement. “All stories have to end eventually, but the memories of Heroic triumphs and Villainous plots will last forever. Thank you for your support—you are all Legends!”

In the past weeks, there were rumors that the game would possibly still live on in some form with an independent studio, but a representative told GameSpot, “We aren’t sharing additional details beyond that we have ceased development on Fable Legends, and are in discussions with employees at Lionhead about our proposed closure of the studio as well.”

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