The Kickstarter game based on the popular Friday the 13th movie franchise has had a few more announcements made at PAX East.

Although a lot of news comes out during a convention, Friday the 13th: The Game perhaps has had some of the cooler announcements regarding game play.

It was revealed that the game would feature some of the most iconic scenes from the franchise, Higgins Haven property and the Crystal Lake shore will both be playable. Players will have to continue to hide around the lake from Jason, with Jason hunting based on the players fear.

Like a traditional horror and/or slasher movie, the game will reflect Jason being able to sense your fear. Although Robbie Hobbs, co-creator and designer of the game, refuses to give out a list of Jason’s abilities he has confirmed that “he can sense fear”.

Hobbs went on to talk about how they are considering letting people zoom in and out. “We’ve thought that maybe if you zoom in too much you can see him better, but he can see you too, […] Maybe if you zoom in more, your fear goes down.”

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