Ubisoft wants to make up for the difficult post-launch weeks for The Division players, and they are doing so by giving out 150 free Phoenix Credits.

Phoenix Credits are used to purchased some of the best gear in The Division, and giving out free credits to the dedicated players is no doubt a way to win over fans. Although every online game will hit a few road blocks along the way, at least Ubisoft is trying to make amends for the issues that were present in the game at launch.

Inside the base of operations you’ll see a stairwell leading up to the Tech Wing. Underneath it, in the back of the room is a man behind a folding table. This man is the Rewards Claim Vendor, and for those of you who have not linked your Ubisoft account to the game you may not have known about him. After approaching him you can talk to him, go over to the resources tab and scroll down. Towards the bottom should be your stack of Phoenix Credits.

According to several players, 150 credits is equivalent to three days worth of end-game grind. Not too bad Ubisoft, not too bad.

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