It is always great to see a company put a fresh spin on an already well loved and established game. Psyonix Rocket League succeeded by doing this with soccer in Rocket League, but they’re not the only ones anymore. If you’re getting a little tired of pulling crazy stunts and other wild antics in GTA V, then something new is here for you.

A new Adversary Mode called Inch by Inch has now begun in GTA V. In it, two teams will face off on a soccer field, filled barricades, trying to each get a specific package in the opposing team’s goal. Because careful though, moving the package could get you shots or blown up. This is Grand Theft Auto after all, and player holding the package cannot use any weapons. It is up to his or her teammates to defend them at all costs.

The event will run from April 8, that’s today, until the 14th. It will feature three playlists at two days each. Those who participate will receive double cash and experience. So what are you waiting for? Get on GTA V now and enjoy the fun.

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