Released back in 2007 on the Xbox 360, Guilty Gear 2 -Overture- broke away from the standard fighting system the series had become well known for. Instead, Overture is a 3D Real-time Strategy game that utilizes the assets from the Guilty Gear series. Now, Arc System Works has released the game onto the PC platform via Steam.

There is currently a 40% discount on the game which will run only up until the 8th of April. That’s this coming Friday.

Interestingly, the game received mix reviews for its departure for the main game. Overture features not only a single player campaign but multiplayer co-op. There are over 50 units to utilize and micro manage within the game.

The game did not do exceedingly well in its original Xbox 360 release as fans of the series felt the departure was too drastic or didn’t live up to the name of the series. In any case, you can get the game for the full retail price of $19.99 USD after April 8th.


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