For decades Blizzard Entertainment has provided the world with some of the best characters. Each of their games take players on fantastic adventures that are enhanced by the richness of these characters. It only made sense for the company to make Heroes of the Storm, a game that gives these characters a chance to all come together. Now one more is being added to the roster and it may not be from where you would expect.

Blizzard’s latest title, Overwatch, will not be fully released until next month. This, however, did not stop it from lending the time traveling Brit to Heroes of the Storm. Tracer is her name and her presence is going to change the game. She is the first character to be able to move while attack and she has an ability that can be build up in three customizable ways of your choice.

If you pre-ordered a digital copy of  Overwatch: Origins Edition on PC, she will be available on April 19th. Other PC owners will get to use her on April 26th. If you pre-ordered Overwatch: Origins Edition on another console, then you’ll just have to wait for the official May 24th release date to see Tracer in action.

Heroes of the Storm is ever expanding and it’s great to see Overwatch get in on the battle before it is even released. What other Overwatch characters would you like to see in Heroes of the Storm? Let us know in the comments.

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