Io-Interactive’s choice to make the most recent Hitman game episodic rubbed more than a few long time fans the wrong way. The situation is only worsening however, as it seems the originally promised monthly release schedule might be slipping.

While the first episode, Paris, released March 11, the second episode, Sapienza is not due out until April 26. When asked if there were set dates for the rest of the episodes, Hitman’s official Twitter account responded only by saying, “We’re aiming for a monthly release per episode but this is subject to change.”

Originally, the seven episodes were announced as monthly additions to the game, adding a steady steam of new content up through September. The ‘Full Experience,’ essentially a season pass for all seven episodes is already available for $60, while buying each episode on its own will cost $75.

The news that the established schedule, which would have the game’s third location, Morocco, release in May, might change, lands as gamers are still hurt over continuing issues with the game’s online servers.

Our review of Hitman’s first episode found that while the game can be played offline, it disables the majority of the in-game functions, including progression and the ability to load save files from games started while playing online. Unfortunately, the players have reported continuing stability issues since launch.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of a slipping schedule? Are you still enjoying Hitman’s Intro Pack? Let us know in the comments.

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