Lovingly crafted over the span of nearly four years, modder Galandril has released one of the biggest projects to hit the world of modding Skyrim, Holds: The City Overhaul. The mod is an extraordinary 4GB file that changes the design of many of the cities and towns in Skyrim. The mod  recreates Falkreath, Dawnstar and Winterhold into a more vibrant and interesting city with many new NPC interactions and even brand new books to deepen the lore within the game. The mod also addes brand new settlements such as Amber Guard and Black Moor.

The inspiration behind this mod came from the desire to see Skyrim also receiving the ‘Better Cities’ mod that became very popular in Oblivion. Expecting the mod to exist in the early ages of Skyrim modding, he was surprised to find that nobody was taking up the challenge. Until he decided to be the change the land needed.

Due to the nature of the mod, the modder recommends players to start a completely fresh game when installing the mod in order to reduce the risk of bugs and glitches. Instructions for downloading and installing the mod can be found on the Nexus page for the mod. Skyrim is one of those games I sunk hours into, and one of the games that I hold fond memories with. This mod certainly adds a brand new breath of fresh air!

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