Crucible mode in Destiny is bringing back the Iron Banner event starting at the end of this month.

From April 26th until May 3rd, the Iron Banner will feature the Clash game type with improved loot drops, Bungie announced this week.

“In the first Iron Banner after the April Update, you’ll experience some changes we’ve made to improve the reward experience, Bungie wrote. “Legendary Engrams are great and all, but if you’re playing Iron Banner, it’s more likely that you want some of that sweet Iron Banner gear. So you should expect to see more Iron Banner gear next week instead of Legendary Engrams. Iron Banner gear will now have a chance to drop after every match you play – no more waiting until Rank 2. Given that many players spend more time playing at lower ranks due to the tempered mechanic, it was important to make sure those earlier games were rewarding as well.”

Possible rewards for completing the Iron Banner include the new Auto Rifle and Rocket Launcher, which can both be seen below.

Bungie said they believe these changes will “significantly improve your experience in Iron Banner next week” and are waiting for your feedback. Let us know if you’ll be tackling it in the comments below.

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