If you’ll remember, last year Square Enix had canned the original iOS Kingdom Hearts but eventually went on to announce Unchained ‘Key’ would be coming to the west at E3. Later this week, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ (pronounced ‘Key’) will be out for all North American iOS and Android devices.

According to Square Enix’s blog where the pending release was announced, Unchained Key will be placed far at the beginning of the entire series. Taking place way before the often mentioned ‘Keyblade War’. The game places the player as a Keyblade warrior during that time.

As for its relation to the upcoming Kingdom Hearts II.8, Unchained Key links to various key factors from the various games in the II.8 collection. This includes the hour-long cinematic ‘Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover’ which tells the story of the ‘Foreteller’, who gather the Keyblade wielders. Unchained χ tells the story from the Keyblade wielder’s perspective. There are more which you can read from the blog.


The game is set to release in North America on the 7th of April for iOS and Android.

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