For Koji Oda, working on Resident Evil: Zero HD Remaster wasn’t the first time around with the franchise.

Having directed the production of Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Zero back in the early 2000’s, Oda came back to direct the newest remaster to a beloved horror game.

In a recent interview for the 20th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise, Koji Oda talks about what it was like to return to a project and some of the difficulties they had in remastering the game.

The 7 minute video goes in depth on the characters, plot, and some of the decisions that were made in the original game. Oda says that the game naturally led to Rebecca as the main protagonist, and remastering the game was more of a challenge then he thought. “We took care to remaster the game and preserve its quality while not affecting the balance of the gameplay.”

Still, the remaster wasn’t enough for the veteran of game development. Instead they decided to add Wesker mode, which is something he feared would break the game and fill it with bugs.

Koji Oda finished the interview by thanking the development team and fans of the series.

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