It may not be the next installment fans of the series were hoping for, but Metroid Prime: Federation Force should prove to give us some fun times while we continue to wait. It may even prove to be better than we hoped for. Now we know when all of these questions will be answered.

While it was originally stated to be released in “late spring 2016”, that would actually be about now, it seems we’ll have to wait most of the summer to get our hands on this title. Metroid Prime: Federation Force will be arriving to the Nintendo 3DS on August 19th. Once it arrives, you and your friends will be able to team up to take down space pirates or face off against other federation members in competitive game of Blast Ball.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force may not put you in control of the famous bounty hunter, Samus Aran, but she can still inspire young cadets to give it all they’ve got.

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