Reddit users took to the internet yesterday to report their characters had been wiped from The Division servers.

User Ramm94 reported that his character with 150+ hours had been removed. “I’ve seen several reports of players’ character getting wiped out, including myself, after the patch. My first login was fine, and I logged in briefly to check the update and everything seemed normal. The next login attempt, I received a delta or mike error while attempting to login, so i reset the game, and then my character is gone. I hard reset the X1 to clear the cache, but to no avail. I had 150 hours into that character. This is totally unacceptable.”

Ubisoft was quick to respond to the issue, posting on the official forums that they figured out what the issue was. For those still in fear, your character is not gone from The Division – it just has to be restored.

According to the post, a malfunctioning server couldn’t synchronize character data and corrupted them instead. Shortly after the game client was unable to read corrupted data, and it was assumed that the character did not exist. Because Ubisoft has identified the problem, they can restore the server to its normal functions. For those that have already experienced the issue, they will be implementing a fix shortly.

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