As a surprise announcement from Mojang, the previously unknown game Crown & Council has released for free on Steam.

With no prior announcement on the game, Mojang put up a blog post just yesterday starting with the word “Surprise!”. And a surprise it was, as Mojang’s Henrik Pettersson created the game all on his own.

The free to play game is a fast paced strategy game, focusing on conquering neighboring lands and destroying the current reigning monarchs. The game has a simple to play hard to master feel to it, with players clicking on adjacent tiles to earn gold and fund further explorations. You can also fund defensive forts, naval attacks, universities and more.

The difficulty comes into play when you are trying to win the game. You can choose many different tactics, including spending all of your cash on universities in hopes to survive long enough that all of the books make you unstoppable late game. Of course there are more direct strategies, such as conquering as many tiles as fast as possible.

Crown & Council is out now on Steam for free.

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