While the livesteam detailing The Division Update 1.1 focused mainly on the new endgame activity, incursions, and gear sets, the developers also touched on the new features players can look forward to when the content patch drops April 12.

First off, the update will add new weekly and daily assignments, basic, background objectives for players to complete for rewards. They run the gambit from the simple killing of a certain number of enemies from a particular faction to what are promised to be much larger, more time consuming activities. Assignments can be completed in every mode of the game and will reward phoenix credits and division tech among other things.

Next is item trading. Within a certain time limit, any item can be traded between different members of the same party. While not direct trading, the system involves one player dropping the item on the ground for another to pick up. Because of this, anything found in the Dark Zone can only be traded once outside the PvP area, inside one of the checkpoints for instance, to stop other players from swooping in and stealing the item.

Beyond that, the Dark Zone in particular is getting a bit of attention. Every hour, supply drops will spawn within the PvP zone, marked for all players, and packed with juicy loot. After fighting through the tough enemies surrounding each, the loot is first come-first serve. Since the gear is airdropped in, it isn’t contaminated, and won’t require extraction like the rest of the gear in the Dark Zone.

And finally, The Division will also add a death camera, allowing players to spectate the other members of their party while dead, instead of just being locked on the greyed out screen of their own body.

Do you like the new additions? Were there features you were hoping for that that they just haven’t gotten to yet? Let us know in the comments.

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