Nintendo dropped multiple bombshells on fans this morning with a single sentence by revealing that the long-awaited Legend of Zelda coming to Wii U will also release simultaneously on the upcoming Nintendo NX, both in the year 2017.

There’s a lot to unpack here, starting with the fact that Zelda is facing another delay, after originally being scheduled for a 2015 release prior to being pushed to 2016.

“Though originally scheduled for 2016, the release of the latest “The Legend of Zelda” title is postponed until 2017, to allow further improvement of quality” the tweet reads. “Thank you for your understanding.”

 Zelda was also listed as the “focus” of Nintendo’s 2016 E3 press conference, where its Wii U version will be the only playable title on the show floor for the company.
“This June, Nintendo will focus its attentions on the upcoming game in The Legend of Zelda series. The Wii U version of the game will be playable for the first time on the E3 show floor, and it will be the only playable game Nintendo presents at the show, in order to provide attendees a complete immersion. Additional information about Nintendo’s E3 plans will be announced in the future.”
While it wasn’t confirmed as a launch title for the Nintendo NX, Nintendo also revealed that the NX will not be coming this year, but rather in March of 2017.

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