While the patent for a strange detection feature has been around since 2014, a document has been released recently showing images of the feature. This line was found in the document:

“wide angle camera which can photo 360 degree of the circumference [sic].”

Which would imply that the camera would be able to scan the environment around it if it’s placed in the middle of the room. What it intends to scan isn’t clear but if the next few pictures are correct, it might have to do with Amiibo figures.


Not only that, one other image shows off smart phone devices placed on top of this strange cylindrical device.


Not surprising that Nintendo’s incorporating mobile devices, especially with its desire to tap into that world and utilize it in an interesting way. The recent release of Miitomo is the start of this project, and could very well be utilized in the upcoming NX, whatever the device actually is. Details on the device should come on in sometime before or during E3 this year.

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