Streamers having a gimmick isn’t unheard of, and for several it’s about beating the game in the most unique way possible.

For some, Dark Souls II offers the ultimate challenge. No roll streams, playing the game with the screen flipped… For streamer Rudeism, playing games with unconventional peripherals is what keeps him going.

Having previously beaten Superhot and Minesweeper with dance pad(s), Rocket League, Portal, and CS:GO using Guitar Hero controllers, and Mirror’s Edge using a steering wheel; Rudeism decided it was time to reach level 100 in World of Warcraft.

Playing on two dance pads as his only means of control, he was only allowed one macro, no professions or heirlooms, and he could only complete each dungeon once. On top of those rules, Rudeism played through on a PvP server.

In total, Rudeism spend over 120 hours reaching Level 100. One of his next tasks? Starcraft II using dance pads. live video from Rudeism on

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