New incursion missions may be the most exciting part of The Division’s update coming next week, and new screenshots from Ubisoft today reveal just how harrowing they will be.

As previously revealed, the game’s first incursion mission arrives next week, titled “Falcon Lost,” where players are instructed to take out the last remaining members of the Last Man Battallion in a water treatment facility, a spot the faction has retreated to after their defeat at the end of The Division’s main game.

Alongside the incursion missions, The Division’s update 1.1 will include an array of bug fixes, as well as new opportunities for loot trading, changes to supply drops in the dark zone, and the long-awaited camera that will follow your team mates moves after you are eliminated, rather than just staring at your body.

Read all of the rest of the changes in update 1.1 right here before it arrives on April 12th.

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