Live in the game today, Massive has released a new patch, looking to fix a handful of the most common exploits players have been using in The Division.

Specifically, the update fixes issues where players could farm gear under certain circumstances by killing named or elite enemies repeatedly, only to have them respawn. The popular areas of the Madison Field Hospital and Russian Consulate in particular will be affected.

This isn’t the first time Massive has tried to curtail player exploits during only the few weeks The Division has been live. Last week, the developer fixed a similar issue where named enemies in the open world could be easily killed and respawned, allowing a quick and cheesy way to grab gear.

A small update, check out the full patch notes below:

  • Madison Field Hospital: The Elite NPC that spawns when Hutch is killed before jumping down from the roof will no longer drop additional loot when killed repeatedly
  • Missions: Named NPCs killed from outside the mission area will no longer drop additional loot when killed repeatedly
  • Fixed issues which could allow groups to bypass the limit of four members

This comes as Massive gears up to drop the game’s first major content update on April 12. Detailing all the new things coming to The Division, the developer recently highlighted incursions, daily and weekly assignments, public events, and even gear sets.

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Are you particularly sad to see these exploits go? Or did your favorite exploits (looking at Lincoln Tunnel Last Man Standing Strategy) escape the noose? Let us know in the comments.

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