The team over at BioWare are still going strong with Star Wars: The Old Republic as they chug away at releasing the next story chapter for the MMO. Following onto the “Knights of the Fallen Empire” storyline, the chapter titled ‘Profit and Plunder’ will see players ‘liberating’ the Eternal Empire of a certain item.

It was also revealed during the various livestreams that Vette, the Twi’lek slave will make a return alongside Gault.

Proft and Plunder also promises to finally start showing the repercussions of player choice throughout the game up until this point. Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder is set to release on May 3rd, 2016. Just one day from the obsessive ‘May 4th’- otherwise known as May the Fourth.

Speaking of, BioWare has also made mention that they have plans for May 4th after the chapter is released: All players will receive double XP for one week starting then and will also also receive a M4-16 Astromech mini pet for their continued loyalty to the cause.

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