A Kickstarter created by a fan for a sequel to Life is Strange has been terminated.

The project, which features no involvement from the original game’s developers, was started by a “Scott Ashby” who was requesting $20,000 to create a sequel to the game. Well, sort of.

Ashby laid out two plans via the Kickstarter page. Plan A involved Ashby approaching the developer of the first title, Dontnod Entertainment, in an effort to ask them to create the sequel to the game with the $20,000 he hypothetically would have raised.

Plan B was to purchase the IP from the developer in order for him to create it himself.

Here’s hoping Ashby has a Plan C somewhere, because Kickstarter shut down the page rather quickly, with the following message: “Life is Strange 2 (Canceled) is the subject of an intellectual property dispute and is currently unavailable.”

“Life is Strange was such a unique, compelling and moving game that has touched the hearts of so many in a way that few books, movies or games ever have the game continues to have an extremely large and dedicated following,” Ashby’s original page read.

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