Studio Wildcard is really committed to ARK: Survival Evolved, with their latest update adding three new dinosaurs, along with a new weapon and some new features.

The three new dinosaurs are Lystrosaurus, a dog-like dinosaur that offers an XP buff to players, the Arthropluera, a giant centipede that players can ride, and the Sabertooth Salmon.

You can also check out the rest of the update’s features below:

  • Survivors will now face the mighty Megapithecus in its snowy-mountain arena in an epic, brutal boss fight against the giant ape and its army of monkey minions.
  • Arthropluera, Lystrosaurus, and Sabertooth Salmon
  • Wind up the Primitive Bola then toss at players and smaller creatures to temporarily trip and ensnare them. It can even be used to knock enemy riders off their mounts or pull down flyers from the sky!
  • This enables Tribes to create arbitrary “Sub-Groups” within their Tribe, name them, and give them all kinds of detailed rank-based access privileges on your structures, inventories, and creatures. Effectively you can now create your very own caste-based society, with Kings, Nobles, Lords, and Serfs, etc.

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