According to the Battleplan, Battleborn‘s first hotfix has released.

In total, the changes are made to help melee champions be somewhat more relevant in the game. As well Gearbox will hopefully be implementing more hotfixes dependent on what trends they notice during the early stages of gameplay. You can check out the entirety of the first hotfix below.

Battleborn is available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


  • Reduced Galilea’s Great Sword damage by 18%
  • Reduced Shield Throw damage by 33%


  • Reduced the movement speed bonus of Miko’s level 7 Left Helix Augment, Fight or Flight, to 15% and its duration to 2s
  • Reduced the healing effect of Biosynthesis by 25%


  • Reduced ISIC’s base health by 20%
  • Reduced Rotating Wards’ block strength by 50%
  • Reduced Watchful Wards’ bonus by 40%

Other Notes:

  • Adjusted skill-based matchmaking ranges to speed up matchmaking times
  • Fixed a minor audio issue on the Meltdown map, Paradise
  • Changed all Faction loot packs to unlock at level 15
  • Reduced the Silver and Gold medal requirements for each medal in the story mission “The Archive” by 20%
  • Doubled the health of stationary defense objectives in story mode
  • Made performance improvements on the multiplayer maps Echelon and Coldsnap

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