The StarCraft II team is still pushing content in the form of the Nova Ops missions and the Co-op mission mode. This time around, Blizzard has released Abathur as a new commander for the co-op mission mode, being the first DLC commander for the mode.

Abathur’s gimmick is collecting biomass from enemies who then weaves them into incredibly strong Brutalisk and Leviathan units.

Along with the arrival of the new commander, there has been some new changes in the 3.3.0 patch notes for the game. One of the biggest is the addition of ‘Mutators’ in the Co-op mode which allow players to add difficulty to the enemy in order to gain bonus XP. Some of the mutations come in the form of making enemies cloaked or explode on death.

The entire patch note is listed here and mentions several features and fixes including emoticons in chat, increased observer limit in matches and more. The patch came out on Tuesday and Abathur can be purchased on any version of StarCraft II, including the starter edition.

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