Developer Techland has announced Dying Light’s second Community Bounty.

Entitled Sun Eclipse, the event will run from May 13th to May 15th. During the event, the length of night will be doubled. The community will also be tasked with killing 2,500,000 Volatiles, the game’s most fearsome enemies that only appear during night. Reaching the total will unlock an exclusive outfit for Kyle Crane and all gamers who take part will receive a special weapon docket.

“We wanted to give players more opportunities to kill Volatiles,” stated game producer Tymon Smektala. “We’re making the night in the game twice as long during the event, so it’s easier to reach the goal. It might be harder to survive, though!”

Dying Light is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game’s most recent expansion, dubbed The Following, was released this past February. Players will be able to track the total number of Volatiles killed on the game’s website.

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