Ever since rumors started flying that the next Call of Duty would be set in space, more than a few fans worried the realism the franchise is known for would be lost. Despite Infinite Warfare’s far future sci-fi setting however, Infinity Ward is doing everything they can to make sure the title feels like home for Call of Duty fans.

“You only are fighting within the solar system the whole time. There are no aliens. you’re fighting other humans,” said Jacob Minkoff, Infinite Warfare‘s design director says while speaking during a recent livestream. “We’re looking for the most grounded, believable conflict you could possibly have in space. That goes from the character performances and motivations all the way through the environments and the plot.”

In Infinite Warfare, the player will take on the hostile forces of the Settlement Defense Front. As more money and resources become entangled in maintaining and mining from outposts throughout the solar system, the SDF is looking to seize power. Control the resources beyond Earth, and you can control Earth itself.

“Space allows us to take the player to places they’ve never been in Call of Duty before… We have dogfighting in space, in a convertible space fighter that switches between zero-G and atmospheric combat. And of course we have all the boots on the ground combat you’re used to on Earth. But then we also have experience of fighting in zero-G, of grappling around the outside of a ship that you’re trying to board… It creates these new pressures on the characters that are unique to Infinite Warfare.”

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was revealed yesterday, along with Modern Warfare Remastered. For more, check out the game’s announcement trailer.

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