The company that practically invented the modern JRPG, Square Enix, has just released the first English trailer for their re-release of the previously Japan only JRPG, I am Setsuna.

Originally unveiled at E3 2015, I am Setsuna is a JRPG that is inspired by hugely popular Chrono Trigger has been described by Square Enix as a “pure fantasy, true role-playing video game.” The game will revolve around the themes of sorrow and sacrifice so it’s a safe bet that this game will punch you right in the emotions because being happy is overrated.

The trailer sees you guarding Setsuna as you travel the land fighting monsters, pirates and all manner of foes on your quest to save her people.

While the game is already out in Japan on the PC, PS4 and Vita, the PS4 and PC versions are getting an English re-release in the west. So far there have been no official plans for a Vita version, although it has yet to be ruled out

I am Setsuna is coming to PC and PS4 on July 16th. For more info head over the I am Setuna website.

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