Most gamers like free things, right? Activision just lowered the price of King’s Quest Chapter 1A Knight to Remember from $9.99 to free.

Anyone with a PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, or PlayStation 4 can download the title now, although it’s unsure how long this change in price will last. Many of Telltale Game’s series have the first episode available for free as sort of a trial run of the series. Activision, though, hasn’t made a statement concerning how long this will last.

The individual episodes are still selling for $9.99 each, the Season Pass (all current and future episodes) for $24.99, and the Complete Collection (all current and future episodes, plus an epilogue) for $29.99. Currently, only episodes 1-3 have been released, with the third episode, Once Upon a Climb, releasing just a few weeks ago.

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