It’s over now, but the latest Hitman trailer shows off the very first ‘Elusive Target’ mission. An extremely stressful and difficult mission where the stakes are at their most highest ever. The Elusive Target mission involves finding a person in the mission and fulfilling the mission brief’s objective. The kicker is, if you mess up the objective, miss the mission timing or die, that is the end of the run and there will be no more retries.

The first mission tasked players to hunt down ‘The Forger’, a known art counterfeiter who is very well versed in his craft. The event started on the 13th of May, prompting players to complete the mission in under 48 hours- that is, the 15th of May.

The mission is a bold and particularly interesting twist on the series. With IO-interactive creating new assets and features that can only be used once, it’s important that these missions are successful. As long as they’re well crafted and presented well, I foresee this sort of emergent game play as being well crafted and suited for the new entry into the franchise.

Hitman is an episodic title and has seen two episodes ‘Paris’ and ‘Sapienza’. The next episode doesn’t have a hard release date yet, but it will be in ‘Morocco’.

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