Following through with their promise to provide a lot more content for Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar opened up the week-long ‘Combat event’. Starting from Friday, May 13th, the event will run all the way through the week until Thursday, May 19th. Much like previous events, this will also provide players with double cash, double RP and a slew of discounts.

This time, as the event name would imply, weapons, vehicle and armor will be the main discounts. More specifically:

  • 25% off Warstock Cache & Carry vehicles
  • 50% off all Merryweather services
  • 25% off all rifles
  • 25% off all snipers
  • 25% off all projectiles
  • 25% off all ammo
  • 50% off all body armor

Furthermore, three new maps for are available for the “In and Out” game mode. Playing this game mode as well as Deathmatches, Last Team Standing, Adversary Mode and Captures will net participants double RP. Only the ‘In and Out’ game mode will reward players with double cash, the others will only provide double RP. The event will run between May 13th to May 19th.



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