There are already many tanks that grace the football pitch in the real world game. Adebayo Akinfenwa and Christoper Samba are tanks to name just two, but now there will be actual, literal tanks on the field, at least in video game form anyway.

To get you in the spirit for Euro 2016 this Summer, World of Tanks is introducing its Tank Football 2016 event. In the new mode, teams of three will compete for seven minutes attempting to score the most goals. It’s safe to assume that the setup will not be dis-similar to Rocket League, but with tanks, obviously.

However, unlike in Rocket League where players use the bumpers of their vehicles to nudge the ball around the pitch, in World of Tanks the tanks will of course use their guns to shoot the ball around the pitch. Don’t worry, the ball won’t blow up, because video game physics.

Anyone who participates during the event will be rewarded with a snazzy T-62a Sport (T-62a S) and a free garage slot. The three stadiums for the game mode are Himmelsdorf Arena, Stade Eiffel, and Old Tankford which, now that I think about it, would be a more interesting setting for Manchester United based on their football last season.

You can check out the trailer for World of Tanks’ take on the world’s favorite sport below. So far the event has only been announced for Europe and Asia.

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