One of Nintendo’s most popular Wii U games, Splatoon, will be receiving a plethora of new content in the coming days.

Beginning next week, all players will be able to access nine new weapon combos, balance fixes, and more.

Known as Sheldon’s Picks 2.0, all of the weapons will appear during the update. 3 weapons have been confirmed so far: the flame-trimmed Grim Range Blaster, grass-camouflaged Bento Splatterscope, and the rust-red N-ZAP ’83. The announced weapons seem to be iterations on previous Sheldon’s Picks weapons. But hey, who doesn’t love fancy new aesthetics and abilities?

The game will also receive all new balance and gameplay tweaks applying to all weapons. Brush weapons will be receiving huge boosts to ink coverage while standing, though you’ll no longer be able to attack while stealth super jumping. Exploits in multiple maps have been fixed. If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out the Nintendo Blog for the full list of tweaks.

The Splatoon servers will be down from 5:50 to 7 P.M. PT on Tuesday, June 7th. So be sure to play immediately before and after that to really notice the improvements. Splatoon launched last May and earned moderately high critical praise. But you can hear more about that in our review.

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