Patrice Desilets was a big name in the gaming industry around ten years ago. He was the man responsible from transforming Prince of Persia’s linearity into Assassin’s Creed’s sandbox structure. He was responsible for Assassin’s Creed II being set in Italy before he left Ubisoft during production of Brotherhood. His next project, 1666 Amsterdam was said to be ‘the next Assassin’s Creed’ but unfortunately the situation went south when THQ were forced to close down.

Patrice then decided to form a smaller studio of his own and started work on Ancestors. It will reportedly be a small/short game, but nonetheless Patrice is clearly confident in its quality as he has stated that it will be of “comparable quality to Uncharted”, despite likely having a shorter running time.

In a recent interview in Edge #295, Patrice Desilets had this to say.

“Yes, games like Uncharted have a lot of people [working on them] because they create a lot of content. We’re trying something different. Don’t expect us to ship 35 hours of gameplay the first time around because it’s just not possible. But 20 people who know how to make a game can deliver an hour of a blockbuster. So we’re focusing on one hour at a time, and that will allow us to deliver a game of comparable quality to, say, Uncharted.”

Bold words from a highly regarded developer, but time will tell whether or not Ancestors can live up to its creators ambitious vision.


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