Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima’s next game, will soon enter full production.

“We are getting to a very good point about how we are feeling about the visuals so we are very close to making a decision on the game engine,” Kojima told Eurogamer. “And once that is decided we will be in full production.”

Currently, Kojima Productions is trying to decide between two engines that the final game could utilize. Revealed at E3 this year during Sony’s press conference, the Death Stranding teaser trailer featured a mysterious setting and actor Norman Reedus. The teaser ran on one of the unnamed engine candidates. “For the new game elements I want to try, you always want to make it and then evaluate and iterate—and those we are doing on the other game engine candidate,” Kojima said.

Kojima also revealed more information about the teaser during the interview. “One thing I really want to tell people is the teaser is running in real-time,” he said. “We made it in two and half months – and generally teasers are not made by the development team. A lot of trailers are outsourced – that happens pretty often – but we don’t like to do that. We made this teaser ourselves, so people can trust us,” Kojima continued.

See the trailer for yourself below:

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