Despite its problems, no one can deny The Division turned some heads when it launched earlier this year. Now Massive hopes to drum that excitement back up with Underground, the game’s first paid piece of DLC content. The first content included in the game’s season pass, Underground will take agents below the city of New York.

The various gangs have taken refuge in the tunnels, and it’s your job to take the fight to them. The content will include procedurally generated dungeons set in the sewers of New York. Along with the new activity, the expansion will also introduce the next incursion, the third for the game, and plenty of new weapons and armor for players to pine after.

While the DLC is set to release on Xbox One later this month, on June 28, PS4 and PC players will have to wait a bit longer, until August 2.

For anyone that pre-orders the DLC, or has the season pass already, Ubisoft is giving out three free outfits. Each one is tailored after other Tom Clancy games with one for Splinter Cell, one for Rainbow Six, and one for the forthcoming Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

The Division

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