The time of the space simulator is upon us, with games like No Man’s Sky and Star Citizen impatiently being waited for by fans.

The teaser released for Dual Universe was captured in the pre-alpha build, so bearing in mind that the graphics are bound to improve, we have a universe to help create.

The goal behind Dual Universe is to “be the next big space simulator”, with development far behind the other space simulator’s we will most likely be seeing in the next few years. Featuring a seamless, fully editable single shared universe, there is no doubt that the game is ambitious in of itself.

Similar to games like No Man’s Sky, there is no limit to how large Dual Universe is. You do, however, all start on the same planet. After beginning your journeys you can start to gather minerals and build your own technology. Based on how advanced your technology, that limits how far you can actually go in space. With a heavy pressure on players creating the content, Dual Universe is using emergent style game play, where you are helping to rebuild civilization.

All of the content is built in the game, with no queues for loading into new zones. Much like a MMORPG, you can explore wherever your hearts content, sans loading screen. Wars, building ships, starting organizations(guilds), everything chances the way that the world works and behaves.

With the ability to help shape the economy, political system, players are literally building everything from the ground up.

A community based website will be launching in a few weeks, where you can start creating your organizations and interacting with each other. The roleplaying element is encouraged within the community, with the ability to create your own legacy within the game.

Closed Alpha is expected to start in 2017.

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