EA Play will feature the brand new Madden NFL 16 championships in Los Angeles. The tournament signifies the first major event by EA. Eight players will be taking a shot for the crown of best Madden NFL 16 player in the world. The tournament will put 8 of the best players in the world including Eric “Problem” Wright and Zack “Serious Moe” Lane.

The favorites are the two mentioned, despite being friends, they intend to play to win. Of the 1 million players, these two and the remaining 6 (Spotmeplzzz, Hollywood, ImWild, Young_Kiv, LitezOut and Stiff) will be fighting it out for the next two days to take the top position and the prestigious title of ‘best Madden 16 player’. The event will be shown at EA Play for attendees while viewers at home can watch via EA’s twitch channel or on their YouTube channel. For TV viewers, the event will also be streamed on ESPN 3. ESPN 2 will showcase the finals on Tuesday, 6 p.m. Eastern Time.

Good luck to the participants! It’s exciting to see gaming take a more competitive stance, especially in the mainstream world.

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