While Halo Wars 2 will support Xbox Play Anywhere, the title will not support cross-platform multiplayer with Windows 10 PCs.

At E3 this year, it was announced that Halo Wars 2 would support the Play Anywhere feature, which allows gamers to purchase one copy of the game and play on both the Xbox One and PC. Saves, unlocks, and achievements will transfer between the two platforms. While other titles that support Play Anywhere also feature cross-platform play, this is not the case for the upcoming strategy game.

“Cross-play is something we were looking at early on in development,” 343 Industries head Dan Ayoub told Eurogamer. “We’ve been in development since 2014. But as we looked at our timing and our design decisions, we focused on some different things that basically became Xbox Play Anywhere.”

Ayoub did hint, however, that cross-platform play could be something that the studio could look into for future titles in the Halo Wars franchise.

“Cross-play is something we’re excited about potentially down the line, and we’re looking at that for the franchise, but in the Halo Wars 2 timeframe, we’re focusing on Play Anywhere.”

Halo Wars 2 will release on February 21st, 2017. The game will be available on the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

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